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Pollution Legal Liability

Pollution Liability Coverage

The landscape of farming and modern agriculture is undergoing rapid and constant evolution. Alongside this transformation, the liabilities associated with these modern operations are on the rise, reflecting the increasingly litigious nature of our society. Pollution Liability has become a prominent topic in discussions about agricultural insurance, gaining significance over time. It is a growing concern that farmers and commercial operators are recognizing with increasing seriousness. Here are some compelling reasons why Pollution Liability coverage is essential for modern farms and why it should constitute a vital component of your farm or agribusiness insurance portfolio:

Reasons to consider Pollution Liability

  • Cleanup costs can be substantial
  • Crop Disease
  • Overspray to crops and livestock
  • Crop Damage
  • Pollutant Runoff
  • Chemical Drift
  • Overturn of Tankers, Sprayers, or Fuel Trailers
  • Chemical Spills
  • Nuisance Lawsuits
  • Manure Pollution

Pollution Liability is a crucial component of a comprehensive farm insurance plan.

Consult with Thorn Creek Insurance for a clear understanding and cost-effective addition to your Farmowner’s policy. Farms, AgriBusiness, and Commercial clients may have a pollution risk that needs to be covered. Ask about Pollution Liability to safeguard your farming operations and financial assets effectively. 

At Thorn Creek, we factor this into our comprehensive review of your farming operation to make sure there are no gaps in coverage. 

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