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The Team at Thorn Creek Insurance is a trusted partner in making sure your business not only survives, but thrives – no matter the situation. Our team brings many years of successful personal and professional experience in ag insurance, farm and livestock ownership, and financial Expertise

Agent Profile

Troy Alexander, Owner/President

  • Owner Troy Alexander Farms – entity of Alexander Farms
  • Owner/VP, Central Illinois Feeders LLC
  • Owner, purebred Maine-Anjou cow herd
  • Former owner/manager of 700 sow farrow to finish operations
  • Springfield, Illinois

    217.899.3426 (US)


    Add Connor Loftus, Agent

    217.891.7347 (US)


    Corporate Office

    3261 S. Meadowbrook Rd, Suite 100

    Springfield, IL 62711

    Business Phone: 217.503.4111

    Business Fax: 413.523.0250